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TCM Meridian Wellness Therapy

TCM Meridian Wellness Therapy are a series of treatments that stems from Traditional Chinese Medical Principles.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the meridian system is a channel through which the life-energy known as "Qi" circulates throughout the body connecting the vital organs. Qi flows freely when the body is balanced and healthy, but when the flow is blocked, toxins build up and health suffers. The meridian energy level reflects the health of the inner vital organs as they are connected.

Modern living is taking a toll on our health due to the high stress level that we experience daily. Such negative environmental influences can cause imbalances and lead to poor health.

The Spa Elements utilizes traditional knowledge with modern innovation to devise the TCM Meridian Wellness Therapy to address these imbalances in your body. The Therapy Treatments encompasses ALL element of the TCM including Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha, Massage, Qigong and Moxibustion.

For centuries, Chinese physicians have relied on the art of pulse taking in treating patients. The Spa Elements simulate the human respiratory system of expelling negative Qi through Negative Pressure by opening up the skin pores, and Injecting Negative Oxygen Ions directly into the skin, all the while through this rhythmic massage to breath in new life to the skin circulatory system.

The TCM Meridian Wellness Therapy includes services to areas such as Face, Shoulder, Back, Waist, Legs and Breasts.


Face: $88 (60mins)

Body: $98 (60mins)

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