thermage RF

Thermage uses a unique form of radio frequency(RF) energy to stimultaneously tighten existing collagen and sitmulate the skin to produce more collagen. Thermage is a non-invasive treatment can target specific areas of the body to adress the sign of aging.

380 90 mins
needle import
DET radio frequency lift

High frequency radio massage penetrate deep into layers of the skin, tightening loose skin, reduce wrinkles, remove dark circles and ehances facial curves.

180 90 mins
ceramic skin lift

The black ceramic Mesotherpay is a safe single course non-invasive face lift treatment with no additional side effect, this service not only immedately remove wrinkle and tightening skins, but also have a long term effect of collagen regeneration for longer lasting results.

150 60 mins
skin lift
derma skin lift

Dermal skin lift uses high frequency electromagnetic energy to stimulate collagen generation within the dermal fibroblast layser to promote long term collagen regeneration, remove wrinkles and skin whitening effect.

150 60 mins
holistic skin whitening

Eastern holistic based dark spot removal and skin whitening treatment to restore skin luster.

100 60 mins
skin whitening retouch services

Aftercare treatment for the skin whitening

180 90 mins